Project Description

Lake Altaussee Limnology


The Altaussee Lake is niched in the beautiful and pristine Alpine mountains of Western Austria, one hour drive to the East of Salzburg, and three hours drive to the West of Vienna.  Latitude: 47.639459 – Longitude: 13.763252


As the first study of its kind at Lake Altaussee, Austria, the proposed research survey encompasses several goals.

Firstly, while the phenomenon of microfiber particles in Ocean waters has been well documented, this study aims to better understand the presence of microfiber particles in bodies of water surrounded by land. Specifically, by measuring the presence of microfiber particles in this seemingly pristine alpine lake, we hope to better understand how synthetic materials are transported, i.e by atmospheric and river currents.

Secondly, we aim to establish a bathymetric map and environmental assessment of this body of water that has never been done before.

Since previous research in this lake is minimal, this expedition provides the opportunity to answer numerous questions:

  • What are the geological conditions of the lake and its bathymetry?
  • What are the dynamics of the lake’s ecosystem?
  • What is the human impact on such a seemingly pristine lake?
  • If found, is microfiber pollution a threat to such a remote area?


The Walter Munk Foundation for the Oceans
Vienna University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences
The Lounsbery Foundation


Vienna University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Institut Océanographique Paul Ricard
Aix-Marseille Université