Shark Stewards
  • What is a shark? How do they float and feed and where do the live?
  • An interactive activity from our books Share for Kids, Junior Explorers Guide to Sharks, including many species like the enigmatic seven gill shark that visit the La Jolla Cove each year.
  • Also, how divers can provide their sightings to the Shark Watch database to better understand and help protect sharks and their habitat.
Shark Stewards – Saving Sharks
Walter Munk Foundation for the Oceans
  • Event Organizer – Social Media Tent
Walter Munk Foundation

  • Join WILDCOAST to explore some of the amazing resources our local coast and ocean have to offer!
  • Try to get the kelp fish home to the marine protected area in themed cornhole, make gummy worms from seaweed, pick up some coloring pages, and more!
  • Information will also be available on our marine protected area and wetland restoration work in San Diego County.

WILDCOAST – A voice for the coast and the ocean 

SoCal Sea Turtles, Inc.
  • The SoCal Sea Turtles interactive events booth features sea turtle carapaces and/or skull replicas from all 5 of the sea turtle species found in coastal Southern California waters during different times of the year, as well as informational brochures and stickers encouraging anglers, boaters, and the general public to have safe interactions with our local sea turtles.
  • As space permits, we also include our “What do Green Turtles Eat/Plastic Ingestion” exhibit, which features a jar of living aquatic plants and snails, as well as a jar of the stomach contents of a sea turtle who stranded in Long Beach after ingesting a stomach-full of plastic trash.
  •  “#SHELLfie Station” where social media mavens of all ages can pose with a sea turtle carapace in front of our background display to share their love of sea turtles with their friends and followers.
  • We will also have our signature T-shirts and vinyl stickers available as gifts for donations, as well as an iPad visitors can use to sign up for our monthly newsletter and/or place orders at our online shop (if there is electricity available).

Socal sea turtles – Home

Blue Latitudes Foundation
  • California’s offshore oil and gas platforms. The complexity of offshore platforms provides habitat for invertebrates and fish, therefore acting as artificial reefs. BLF staff members and volunteers will guide booth visitors through an activity that explores species commonly found on California’s platforms, such as anemones and rockfish, and discuss species depth and diversity.
  • BLF’s booth will also feature the Deep Trekker remotely operated vehicle (ROV), used by BLF to explore natural and artificial reefs in California. ROV demonstration sign-ups will also be available at the booth. 
  • Demonstrations will provide an overview of ROV design, operation, and applications in the ocean sciences. 

Blue Latitudes (